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Inspired by what you see?

Take a look at some of our before and after images. And be inspired to create the perfect pond for your garden and outdoor space. Contact us today for pond repairs and pond installations across Northampton.

Looking to add a pond to complement your garden? Are you in need of pond repairs?  Let the The Pond Doctor help. We can install beautiful ponds, repair your current ponds and we can also help with cleaning and treating the water, to enhance its natural beauty. We offer services across Northampton.

Expert pond repairs in Northampton

A concrete-based pond, leaking

and in need of maintenance!

All vegetation removed and

the pond cleaned

A large crack has been discovered

The crack is repaired and the pond base covered with waterproofed mortar

When dry the mortar is sealed with

three coats of "G4" pond paint

The watercourse is repaired and treated with pond paint to prevent water loss

A pump and filter are installed as

well as air-stones and lighting

The pond is filled with treated

water and ready for fish